Of strawberries and other seasonal delights

It seems our protagonist’s head is aspin with information. Her home town feels to her like a wealth knowledge that she knows but has forgotten. Things change, that’s certain, and she gets lost from time to time because of it, and new things and new people become part of her surroundings, offering new delights and making novel demands. She says she has lots to talk about, but can’t work out what!?

N: Well try what’s uppermost on your mind.

P: Sorry, I can’t. Actually, can’t do anything right now. Not enough time.

N: Excuse me, how come? You’re not even working. (This is highly annoying – as if the rest of us didn’t have schedules to juggle!)

P: Don’t remind me. No, but seriously. I’ve just noticed that the Helsinki Festival doesn’t just do cultural events in the narrow sense, they’ve got public seminars or panel discussions too, under the title Science is Art.

N: Don’t remember that from before. Just Art Goes Kapakka, concerts, Night of the Arts and children’s events. This is new to me. What are they talking about?

P: Well, would you know it! My obsessing topic at the moment – public space and sense of security. Sorry, look, I’ve really got to go. It’s on in less than an hour. Can we carry on tomorrow? Oh, if you want to cheer them up with a photo, here’s one I took of the mushrooms we found in the country. Had some for dinner at KuuKuu restaurant last night. Nice food in a nice place. Tell them that, won’t you. Bye.


N: And strawberries? What about them?

P: Strawberries?! Oh yes, that the Finnish summer is a bit like Finnish strawberries – intense and vibrant, each one a little different, perhaps a bit risky, and too short and yet just the right length for those qualities to remain.

N: ?!?!?

P: Byee


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