Geography matters in time

August may be the month-off of choice for ‘Continentals’ but Helsinki turns rather cool. As if to make the return to school that much more acceptable, the temperatures dropped by a few degrees this week. Fortunately not by enough to deter the slower rug washers from still getting out for the annual clean-up. Being both romantic and not having rugs of our own to wash, we hope the city will continue providing the jetties for years to come.


On the question of climate, in the Americas, locations at an equivalent latitude are extremely thinly populated, enduring as they do continental climates that would never allow municipal gardeners to contemplate flowers like cannas. The circumpolar world, to which Finland belongs however much its capital appears to prefer to ignore that fact, is justly focussed on the impacts of climate change on its environment.

Geography matters too in that there appear to be more hours in a day in Helsinki than there are in London. If, for argument’s sake, a meeting lasts two hours plus travel, in London this works out at about four hours (unless one is staggeringly wealthy and lives close to ‘everything’) whereas in Helsinki it comes in at considerably under three, even less here too if one can afford a city-centre home.

Although she feels this is an improvement to her quality of life, our protagonist still feels there aren’t enough hours in her day.


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