Correction: Ullanlinna, not Eira

Dear Reader(s?)

Having done the walk with the other half around the environs of the temporary accommodation, it struck me that we are not, in fact, really in Eira, but in its slightly less salubrious neighbour, Ullanlinna.


Still, from googlemaps (apologies for my uselessness on computer – can’t remove that BL logo!), as well as from personal experience, it does seem that Laivurinkatu is at the meeting point of 4 interesting areas: Eira (mansard-rooved architecture at its most gorgeous, many with sea views; embassies, families and such amongst luscious greenery), Ullanlinna (similar only laid out as perimetre blocks rather than quasi villas as in Eira, hence fewer trees but still close to the sea), Punavuori (Red Hill, even a port is by the sea, but unlike the preceding, has had dodgy reputation that preceded even the industrial era, working class until the 1970s, now trendy but saved from ueber-gentrification by small flats and narrowish roads). Towards the west it’s clearly bounded by Tehtaankatu, Factory Street. Then there’s Kaartin Kaupunki and/or the area up to the Observatory hill to the north-east, with more lovely flats and the sense that, despite the odd dead shop-front Dead shoplife still revolves around traditional urban functions in recognisably urban landscapes. Somebody has listed the more “interesting” shops, selling designer goods, on the web, here.



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3 responses to “Correction: Ullanlinna, not Eira

  1. stav2009

    Is that like saying you live in South Chelsea when you mean Clapham?

    • repspace

      Sort of, as in the principle of ranking locations on a social scale, seems ubiquitous in modern cities. As are the historical shifts in said rankings. Huvilakatu, now frequented by bus-loads of tourists, was, according to author Merete Mazzarella, so ‘petit bourgeois’ in the early 1960s that she arranged to meet her first date not on her home street but at St John’s church (Johanneksen kirkko), to give a more desired/desirable impression. She didn’t sound too happy with the outcome, so perhaps not worth taking all that trouble in the first place.

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