Food & prices

Food is a very visible topic in this city right now. Tomorrow will bring concerned citizens and inspiring pioneers to the Old Student House (Vanha Ylioppilastalo) to discuss the ways in which the environmental crisis can be resolved through what we consume literally, at table. But I’ll blog about that when it’s happened!! (Don’t mind plugging it though:

Bizarrely, though Vanha has been the backdrop for generations of student debate, debauchery and entertainment, and though it’s open to anyone for a relatively cheap meal or drink, visiting in the virtual world you’d get a rather different idea. Following internet links, Vanha yields a website that’s got some ingredients of a Helsinki site that are becoming a little too standard: an invitation to a local culinary experience. Foodies not food get the spotlight.

On a similar topic a new arrival in the city is a purveyor of local food. Centraly located  in Lasipalatsi (and you can’t get any more central than that, distances to Helsinki are measured to the clock tower next to it, here photographed from the other side, three pairs of shoes hanging off the wires coming off it)lasipalatsin kello, this is the Maatilatori, a specialist shop for foodies and, possibly, for greenies. Not cheap but not nasty either. Also, they seem not to have their own website, though information is available via Lasipalatsi’s site, but there’s something quite nice about a shop that’s looking at the basics and highlighting the importance of geography to food production, that doesn’t have a virtual presence.

Maatilatori ulkonaIt’s there, and they were really lovely. Outside Maatilatori interiorand inside. Got 2 different kinds of red potatoes. Look forward to cooking with them, but first, an evening in a restaurant awaits.

Oh, almost forgot. They have a name in the third domestic, though not the second: Eat&Joy. Enough said.


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