A zoo in the city – the city in the zoo?

Ah yes, the innovation every carnivore in Korkeasaari has been waiting for has finally been put into practice making the zoo’s animals part of the Helsinki community through their eating habits. And surely everyone knows that commensality (sharing a table, well, a meal at least, or eating together) has a special place in the birth of civilisation and thus cities. Yes, the city’s rampantly breeding, sapling eating rabbits, freshly caught by the new-ish Helsinki City Building Service, have been fed to the city zoo’s lions.

Korkeasaari is one of the many islands that locals treat as just another part of the lanscape. It’s now linked to the mainland via Mustikkamaa (another much-loved beach and hang-out) but it’s been visited by the city’s leisure-seekers since the 16th century. In this picture taken from the end of Aleksanterinkatu (when we were fretting about the fate of Katajanokka’s skyline) it is in the background, fading into the rest of Helsinki’s tree-fuzzed horizon.

KorkeasaariNow if only they could do something about the seagulls.



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2 responses to “A zoo in the city – the city in the zoo?

  1. Does anything eat seagulls? As a recent victim of a seagull mugging, I would certainly call for a zero tolerance approach — three strikes and you’re catfood.

    • repspace

      No lesser a man than the mayor Jussi Pajunen has personally challenged the city’s inhabitants to get to grips with the seagulls themselves. By removing their nests. The operation can, so he writes on his blog, be started now in the autumn when nests are empty, but the real deal will get going in the spring when new nests will start popping up.
      For a blogger interested in how people make a home, yet just as annoyed by brash seagulls as any other Helsinki resident, this leaves me pondering what I should think let alone do.

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