Jees Helsinki Jees in Finnish or more constructive uses for courtyard space

Perhaps JHJ should be published in Finnish. In part at least. Or written partly in English, partly in Finnish. Or the whole translated. What an almighty opportunity to waste time online that would provide.

So instead, let’s go visual. Our protagonist’s (my) day today, Saturday 28th November 2009.

Up dark and early. The tram stop sign gives you the time I arrived at my destination and gives a hint of the amount of daylight. OK, it’s a bit small: 08.44.

Into the amazing former courtyard, the Aleksandria study centre of the University of Helsinki (its Language Centre) on Fabianinkatu, by architects Davidsson and Tarkela, duly showered with praise/awards.

Only problem – terrible atmosphere. In many senses. Over seventy computers for candidates for the official translator exam, too warm and no water fountain. Oh, and a few more computers on the first two floors. Here’s the space from the outside, or rather from the courtyard.

Here’s a view out from where I sat and struggled with legalese from 9 to 16.3o.

By the time I got out the sunshine that had so tantalised us through the slats had been replaced by the moon.

Here, on my walk home, Fabianinkatu at Kasarmintori, with newly refurbished buildings and newly landscaped square. The trees will no doubt grow in a few decades making photography in the future rather more challenging.


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