A ? is for ?

Today the Aalto University combining all the learning requirements and research capacities of a successful National Innovation System (art and design, engineering, selling) was inaugurated at Kiasma. Funny, I recall it being inaugurated a few months back. Then again, I don’t see any new buildings for it either. But hey, never accuse us here at JHJ of arguing against a party!

So what did they do? Read all about it here if you weren’t able to follow it on the street where it was on view and clearly audible with the help of innovative (possibly) technology. If you are reading this you are unlikely to have been present yourself – but we’d love to know if you were.

Mannerheim was one of several who seemed to be listening to President Tarja Halonen. Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen, last autumn’s regular boy-in-trouble and self-build hero, came on after her but got a somewhat smaller audience.

Before Halonen the screen had, I swear, this on it: A?


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  1. “A?” — should that be pronounced as in English, “Eh?” or as in Finnish, “Ah!”

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