The City DOES create the environment: skating is back!

Rarity creates newsworthiness. That might explain why Helsingin Sanomat recently reported something previously unremarkable.

First it reported that school kids ski, and today (26.2) it wrote that there is now skating on natural ice in Helsinki. Well, it might shock those with longish memories, but it’s a change from last year when it was necessary to pay for this fun (right). This year everyone is asking about where to rent or buy winter sports equipment. Sportti-divari the second-hand shop comes to mind.

So what happens/used to happen, to allow Helsinki residents indulge in this delightful pastime?

Well, if it’s on the sea, like it is here in Laajalahti seen from Munkkiniemi, you can create a long (2km) track, particularly designed for tour skating (special skates, but you can easily go on figure or ice-hockey skates too). Here it was in the process of being made.

If you’re talking skating on dry (as it were) land, first the pitch (English for kenttä, anyone?) gets smoothed over.

Then the chaps from the city, those guys who do actually produce the environment (viz. the last post) come with their hoses …

… and wait for nature to do its thing.

Then you go out and enjoy!


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