First day of summer

It’s the first of June, and horror of horrors, children are still going to school.

Not when I was a child! School finished on the last day of May. Always. And then we went off into the countryside to help our parents with all the agricultural work and pose for Suomi Filmi camera crews. (This, kind of, was what I was taught at a “good” school in the UK in the early 1970s.)

Meanwhile, in 2010, who could fail to be in love with this city? The buildings reflecting the sun make the idea of going home to bed just ludicrous. Anyway, it’s not dark yet. So I had another beer. (Fortunately they import the stuff these days.)

On the way home I was reminded, however, that there’s a price for the cushy Finnish way of life. 200 million kg of plastic waste are produced by us 5 million Finns a year! This clearly demonstrated in a bit of street art, of sorts, in Narinkka Square in front of Kamppi, in an installation by Kaisa J. Salmi (pdf of their poster downloadable here). Rubbish on rubbish, I thought, but then realised that the real rubbish had been left on the steps rising out of the square. It really is remarkable, how this square just seems to suck up people who leave papers and cans and food wrappings in large quantities, to fly around and catch on the steps.

But catching the view past Lasipalatsi, thought again that some things sometimes are done just right. To catch just that right angle of the setting sun.


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  1. There really are few things more lovely than the light in Helsinki. Just looking at pictures like yours clears the mind and soothes the soul.

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