Fish Harbour and Alpine Park?

Yes, these are literal translations of where the pictures below were taken. Summer is short around here. Enjoy it while it lasts. And that probably means not being online.

This view and the next couple of photos are explained by this:

After catching up with the voluntary organisations hanging out in the sunshine in the middle of a field of tarmac (Kalasatama Temporary as the City has branded it), I spotted a family of birds (don’t ask what make, I’m a city girl) on an outing. Then I took the metro to Sörnäinen before heading (by taxi, the gay pride march confused the traffic and I was just confused generally by the geography of Alppipuisto/Alpine Park) to the PAX festival being held today and tomorrow in a little-known park right in the middle of this city!

And then, in this season of summer festivals, you have to remove the portaloos, locally known as Bajamaja.

Moi moi!

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