This is Regatta

Tourist coaches generally orient footfall towards the four lanes of traffic on Mechelininkatu when visiting the Sibelius Monument (to us Helsinki’s most persistently baffling photo op). But on the other side of the monument and the park, water beckons.

And Regatta. Regatta is a little red cabin (just up from the 1930s Rowing Stadium) serving coffee, pulla (buns) and good cheer. Regatta pays you to have an extra cup of coffee (“santsi kuppi“). Regatta is friendly and interesting. And Regatta makes sure that nothing you see around you remains a mystery.

This is Regatta’s Official Car

This is a boat

Collecting point for dirty dishes

This is a box of carrots (as well as a word game,  porkkanalaatikko is carrot bake, a popular dish at Finnish Christmas dinners).

Take care: Nail!

And the one below is a particular favourite of JHJ’s. “Dear (esteemed) driver. You are on private property. Brief (about 10 min.) pit stops allowed. Please take care of the City’s lawn.”



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3 responses to “This is Regatta

  1. An absolute favourite of mine and an unmissable stop when doing the “Tour de Laajalahti” between western Espoo and central Helsinki.

    Whoever thinks Finns don’t have a sense of humour hasn’t obviously seen this place.

  2. JeesHelsinki

    I agree about the humour. I wish those stereotypes would go away though. Alas, today I’ve bumped into two Finns who were clearly suffering from what we here at JHJ call SOHF or sense-of-humour-failure. Perhaps it’s the heat – it’s the first week of August and they resent being back at work!

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