Blast! And winding down…

It’s a delight and a luxury to travel by sea to Helsinki (from Tallinn, this time) even if friends routinely warn me of the dangers involved. (For the uninitiated, we are talking alcohol, noise and vomit as key ingredients). But how wonderful when land comes into view, rocks, skerries and islands too, and suddenly you’re there.

Time, though, is money. Your average urban dweller isn’t going to have too much of it. And your average traveller will go by plane. I guess gradually JeesHelsinkiJees will also wind down and disappear. There is not enough time to blog.

Meanwhile, that lovely Helsinki institution, Dodo ry (the environmental organisation for townsfolk) is gearing up to celebrate urban life this Saturday with its annual Megapolis event. This year they are seeking better rhythms for the city. Any city, but Helsinki in particular. This would involve more cycling, walking, strolling, swimming, rowing and skateboarding and, perhaps, skiing. And, presumbaly, doing those things in style, with a kind of urban panache, like Copenhagen is known for.

Meanwhile, living as we do in the vicinity of the cluster of building sites near Töölö Bay, we are aware that even if Helsinki is keen to free up more space above ground for all that nice stuff, underground the city busy tunnelling. For what? To get more cars to fit into the city.

We know this because around these parts we get to hear the dulcet booms of 21st-century technology as it blasts its way through ancient granite. Two Parliament buildings’ worth (by volume) just for the parking and service tunnel for Finlandia Hall and the new Music House, according to MTV.

Enough people over about five years have had enough time to get upset about the blasts – often at night – to fill the internet with variously reliable information about it. I asked the “isännöistijä” or the guy who manages our block of flats and he told me it’s the Music building car park. I think I believe him.

P.S. How boring that they’ve decided to call Musiikkitalo Music Centre. Music House would have been so exotic!


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