Mining for space – or generalised acupuncture

It can be a long way down once you’ve been digging for long enough. Or with sufficient energy. (I assume they still use dynamite, but I haven’t found out). In Helsinki, the stairs are there for some folks to use.

This week the world turned its attention – and its hunger for good news – towards a mine called San Jose in Chile.

The week before (or maybe before that) in Helsinki, Töölöläinen, the free local paper in this hallowed haven of bourgeois bohemianism, ran a tongue-in-cheek story about digging for gold in central Helsinki (well, Meilahti).

Hiding cars under the ground is, indeed, a figurative gold mine in this city. Or at least, like so many phenomena that attach to capitalism, digging underground is one of those activities that can be described as a rush, a frenzy, a kind of collective madness. A boom, in fact. (And there was one!)

But Finns have a preoccupation with innovating, i.e doing new stuff. And so their version of digging isn’t so much about seeking out shiny, precious stuff from out of the ground, like diamonds, but about producing something that you wouldn’t have thought was in short supply in this country: space!!!!!

One neighbour noted that working in his office near Temppeliaukio Church is like getting acupuncture on your feet. I think he meant reflexology. One keeps wanting to post about something else – and then there’s a great, big, annoying and, possibly, structurally damaging explosion! And one has simply no choice.

On which note, Finns do also dig for precious stuff. The environment minister‘s husband is one of several who expects wealth to flow from a newly opened mine in Sotkamo. Wonder what the public debate was like around that one.


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