Friends and heroes

Nice weather for Friends’ Day (probably Valentines Day to some of you good folks).

February in Finnish is helmikuu (not capitalised). Helmi means pearl. Quite apt, don’t you think?

Looking the other way you get a view of some things that earlier generations of Helsinki residents thought worth giving prominence, modern hospitals. The brownish “tower” on the right is the iconic [sic] Lastenlinna or the Children’s Castle inaugurated in the early 1920s when Finland, as a nation, was barely a toddler.

Its architecture (Elsi Borg) and the carvings on the facade (Sakari Tohka) are worth a close-up look and its history is worth pondering. A key instigator of this hospital for women and children was Sophie Mannerheim,  pioneer of modern medical care and sister of that slightly better known hero with the same surname.


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