Going South

In the land where European city life was arguably invented several hundred years ago, a Prime Minister mired in scandal is finally charged with an offence.

Meanwhile in Finland former prime minister Matti Vanhanen’s misdemeanours have also been found to be significant. But Vanhanen was not fast or loose enough (with the truth mind, not with a 17-year-old girl) to cross the threshold and actually face prosecution. A brief English-language resume of the sorry situation of “the way of the land” is available from Pravda Helsingin Sanomat.

Also in the news, and even more in the blews (my new word for blogs I’m not sure I trust), the name of a small but well-known town somewhat to the left of Tampere (Nokia) is hogging headlines and inspiring gossip and humour. Plan B having been found to be a spoof, there are now plans, C, D, and so on to the end and beyond, of the alphabet. Plan Ö, anyone? But we are assuming that the graph showing share prices has some relationship to a real world. Somewhere.

Which is a shame because so much of Finland’s welfare system now relies not on revenue collected from companies and wealthy individuals but from investments which, as the ads say, may go down as well as up.

We hope all this (not the bit about Berlusconi, obviously) will not affect people’s desire to come and visit and even stay in our fair city. We’d love to show you how lovely everything here is and how exquisitely designed. Like this.


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