Ice pea

Zillions of people seemed to be out walking on the ice in front of our fair city on this sunny Sunday. But one poor b*****d in a boat has been going around in circles for hours preventing ice from forming so that more lorry-loads of snow can be dumped into the Baltic.

Anyone wanting to go there, take the 14B or 16 to the end stop, tip of Hernesaari, and be mesmerised.

Besides the zillions on the ice quite a few people were hanging out in Hernesaari. Part of New Helsinki (which is to say where Helsinki used to go to work when work was physical and manipulated stuff directly), Hernesaari is a strange thing. Largely landfill, the jobs still being done there will have to go in 2012 after which it will be liberated for uses with better price-quality ratios (as we Finns say).

Currently there are some sizeable harbour buildings and facilities. Loads of boaty things, helicoptery things, a place to get the statutory check up of your car sorted, and somewhere to arrive by cruise ship and buy souvenirs (at the back of the line of cars), and to park cars. Presumably they were mostly there to chauffeur kids to and from ice hockey or figure skating training.

My young ice-hockey playing friend was taken by public transport. He told me and the parent about how much he likes ice hockey. He also told us about the painting or mural on the wall of the cafe in the ice rink. Cafe Jääherne, Ice Pea. (Yes, Herne does mean pea). I’d already spotted the mural on the corrugated iron wall. And I’d photographed it (small people in vastly expensive sports gear whizzing around an ice rink is a cute thing to watch but it didn’t really sustain my interest very long).

So my friend told me that the people who run the cafe are going to build a new one when the ice rink (once some industrial building) gets torn down and is replaced by all those new homes. That’s why they drew a picture of what the future will be like.

The cafe is a bit hard to see, but it’s there on the right-hand corner of the cross street, by the yellow car

My little friend’s parent started to say something along the lines of, why is Helsinki being turned into luxury homes. I’m not sure Hernesaari will be but even if it does fall victim to waterfront-development, I’d not know how to have a very constructive discussion about it.

So we began to talk about pancake. While one guy had some.


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