Let’s not worry, it’s just a protest

If you’ve not heard yet, the political landscape of Finland changed a couple of days ago. The streetscape is bound to follow. But rather than dwell on this, we’ll bring you tales of other protests. You see, the far-right populists, the Basic Finns, may not be much more than a bunch of discontents with a mix of socialist and nationalist policies who aren’t happy with globalisation. Many commentators hope the whole result will just implode into its own pointlessness. For thoughtful commentary here’s a link to an insider’s view and here’s one to a sympathetic outsider’s view.

The Basics didn’t win that many of their landslide seats in Helsinki anyway. The protest was based elsewhere. But folks in Helsinki are also ready and willing to protest.

Over this (pictured last June).

First, someone tripped over a hose pipe and insisted that this non-architecture, non-consensus, non-Finnish piece of urban life be put down. Well, before that, on Monday, someone else had insisted that mobile cafes are not for Helsinki. Still, high-profile proponents came to the rescue and helped Finns Protest against the silly decision. Perhaps protest, one way or another (against the hose? against zealous building-regs administrators?) will keep things in Helsinki going in interesting directions.

Meanwhile, a lovely blog about a lovely gem near cafe Tyyni which, hopefully, will be saved by an online petition. It’s in a park considered by the City to require desperate and extensive upgrading, I could protest about that too.


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