So addictive!

Blogging, that is. And Helsinki in the summer, though like most natives we don’t actually spend much of the summer here.

Can’t resist giving you a quick tip for a little gem of a spot, Cafe Piritta in Tokoinranta. Reopened after a serious facelift/rebuilding in 2010, its a really successful design. Surprisingly, even the inside, from the office of the risky Kaisa B works nicely (nobody so disrespectful  should ever have been let loose on anything older than a cute caf orioginally from 1977!)

If you don’t like walking or haven’t got a bike you can reach it by boat from the main market square. It’s a bit out of the way of your average tourist, you see (are there any non-tourists around, by the way?). From Piritta Helsinki looks like this:

and like this:

Much live music, relaxed atmosphere and reasonable food at reasonable prices (“tuhannet kiitokset” was a bit over-the-top but really sweet coming from the bar tender – just for my having carried our own tray back!).

It’s one of those Finnish specialities, a self-service caf that serves alcohol. Last night was fifties night, with a good few ducktail haircuts to view not to mention lovely dancing.

Looking around this country in winter you’d never guess how many Finns are such good dancers! Another secret that easily pops out in the light summer nights.

Bye for now. Enjoy the city. Off to Mozzyland ourselves, whizzing along on the rails (VR permitting).



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2 responses to “So addictive!

  1. Finns good dancers? That’s news to me. Maybe non-latin ballroom.

  2. JeesHelsinki

    hi Skeptigirl and thanks for your comment.
    Non-latin-ballroom is precisely what I meant. Unless you count tango. Which, as you know, Finland invented.

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