Worthless/worthwhile? Blogs

Demands on one’s time and a growing conviction that the blogosphere and social media detract from rather than enhance quality of life are making us here at JHJ slow down. Voices within and without Finland are questioning the virtues of social media, but a generation of Finns has embraced the notion that the world can and needs to be fixed via social networking (one official version here). Though folks already hang out quite a lot on the internet (and in Finland they are reasonably keen) the Finnish way is still to encourage them to try even harder (as in this illuminating and infuriating pamphlet. If you’re so inclined you could also go to the accompanying website adorned with what looks like a photo of a recent icon of starchitecture-cum-techno-socio-networking-boosterism, Gehry’s Stata Center).

NEVERTHELESS, there are still great reasons to surf around, to follow random and not-so-random links re. buildings, politics, Helsinki, environments, people…

There’s ARKITEHTI mostly in Finnish, with Italian connections and great observations about building as service and some deliciously frank and fresh political views. I doubt she really works from beneath a mountain of laundry.

If you read Finnish, you should know that a wee commercial renaissance (that may or may not encourage further gentrification) is underway in Kallio with all manner of links to more networks/blogs. This note about NIMBYism in English is also worth noting. And while we’re on the topic, let’s note what a disgrace it is that parochial social pressure, internet-aided or otherwise, could put an end to a tradition of compassionate helping. Maybe removing suffering and humiliation from public view is exactly what passes for acceptable now.

Then there’s a designer-urbanist called Dan Hill who posts some thoughtful if dubiously upbeat commentary on City of Sound.

If your routine provisioning includes gathering nuts and berries and the like, here‘s a link to relevant places in Helsinki. No idea who maintains this blog though.

And, saving the best for last. Check out the blog about Finnish design without the birch veneer bits.

And finally, gratuitous pictures of stuff that really matters. Who’d want to get stuck in a toilet for not guessing which way the thing goes?

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