Singing drills

No, we are not referring to choir practice but to two recent news items to do with that Helsinki trend, tunnelling.

H! or Helsinki Info popped through the letter box yesterday. “Drills sing” is the headline on page 5, alongside the item on drilling underground in Lauttasaari. “The roar and the vibrations have generated both frightened and angry feedback”. But rather sweetly someone had actually given the team some positive feedback despite the noise and the nuisance of living near an underground building site.

“Lauttasaari needs a metro”.

And do you remember the teeth marks of the giant rodent that were left under the Railway Station in November 2009? The ones that were responsible for the ridiculous flood that put the metro out of action for ages? (We blogged about it too)

Finally, the hapless culprit has been almost unveiled. He prefers to stay anonymous, but it was a young worker using a brand new diamond drill that done it. He was 28 at the time. And it happened in 1968. He has no idea why he was asked to do it.

I wonder if the guys blasting away at the rock in Töölö ever wonder why someone thinks it makes sense to create a parallel world underground?

Since no pictures of the teeth marks or even of granite are easily to hand, here’s a gratuitous pic of the view from the Music Building into town. (Didn’t anyone tell them that a music centre, even Music Centre, is a pile of electronics in the corner of your home?)


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