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Given the silliness that the country’s only big newspaper insists on producing day after day, and given that the (otherwise very worthy) online competitor‘s “coverage” makes the (London) Evening Standard seem like literature, it’s no surprise that online Finland is abuzz.

But rather than launching into the unpleasantness of Hommaforum or the inanity of facebook (I do so agree with Anonyymi that “liking” is such a flat [lattea] pleasure) I have been flattered into checking back into JeesHelsinkiJees after a hard day’s slog on work that pays, sort of.

Busy, busy, JHJ has not had time to stay abreast of developments in the city. But we have had time to ponder with friends, just what the world is coming to. And about why Finnish people think that whatever the problem is, Finland has the ANSWERS.

To read what the folks in (proper) jobs say: life in Finland is all GOOD NEWS: chanterelles, Helsinki’s green trams and er, mineral deposits about to throw local life into severe disequilibrium somewhere north of the Arctic Circle.

A year ago Finland produced a country brand based on the idea that the counry is GOOD AT SOLUTIONS. (Reminds one of the satirical mag Private Eye, no?)

But ridicule aside, since then almost all the interesting work I stumble on in the architecture/sustainability region of life seems to want to present itself in these same terms.

Which, for me as a Finn, just sounds a bit bizarre. I grew up secure in the knowledge that the idea of Finnish engineers (or are they designers today?!) offering the world anything but incomprehensible English, rubbish user-interfaces (remember Nokia?) and rubber-soled shoes is delusional.

So when JHJ and friends contemplated the idea of Finland offering the answers, we blurted out: BUT WE DON’T EVEN KNOW THE QUESTIONS!

And so it has been lovely to find interesting and thoughtful stuff online. For instanc this blog waxing lyrical about Helsinki (with thanks to its author).

I also found a fabulous take on the Solution business. I highly recommend, NOW for Architecture and Urbanism, blog post dated 28.10. Can’t get a better link to work. Sorry folks. But do try that one.

Good night.


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