November Round-up (a.k.a. roll on December!)

the weather is grim / the tram windows grimy / the chances are slim …

While I wait for inspiration to find the words that should go  before “blimey”, here are two and a half building-related bits of news from our fair if currently gloomy city.

The first relates to the Music Building. Architecture is, as we know, a slow and expensive art form (thus Estonian critic Triin Ojari in Ark 5/2011, p. 33). That also means that even if in these hectic and cheapened times a building gets a bad press, future generations may enjoy it in blissful ignorance of its sordid past.

Not that we know what sordidness is going on.

There seems to be an active silence spreading out from the sharp angles of LPR’s impossible success. There was a short Finnish-language press notice, but nothing on the English pages. Basically, the bosses have resigned and everyone is refusing to comment.

On the other side of the Music Building some shelters (“a person has to live somewhere”). At the start of the week when I swung by, Helsinki’s valiant occupiers were full of good cheer. They were gearing up for a long stay in their flimsy-looking shelters. Hope they stay warm. Though personally I’d prefer a few degrees below zero (snow might be a possibility and that might mean just a wee bit of light!)

Meanwhile the Punavuori Refugee Centre (the one with the Finnish supporters) is one of several to be closed by the Ministry. Seems a bit odd. Helsinki was given to understand they’d be setting it up for about a decade when it was opened two years ago. Now rumour has it the more cost-effective way is to scatter refugees around the parts of the world where property isn’t quite so expensive.

Without getting into the complexities of the thing, I try to see it from the point of view of someone in a northern town where property is cheap. Slimey stories abound for anyone interested.

… blimey


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