Waiting for good news

JHJ cannot avoid adding a post-script to yesterday’s post.

Helsinkians are still mired in the good news from the Guggenheim and the City Art Museum (e.g. the foundation’s promises to offer Finnish artists access to international networks) but also the bad (e.g. that Helsinki’s art world risks being smothered in the embrace of a global franchise).

Worse still, we have stumbled upon words on the G that make the stomach churn: resentful commentary laced with the racist bile which, in today’s Finnish political discourse, is always but a few clicks away.

Facts have been one of the casualties of the week’s debate. Is JGKS to go on holiday? Or is he not? Has the announcement about staff restructuring at the Art Museum come as a surprise, or has it come too late? Yesterday the Museum published corrections to recent misinformation on its website.

So today? A suggestion in a letter to an editor somewhere near us, to increase the floorspace to be constructed at Töölönlahti on land owned by the city. This would easily give the city the millions it needs to make a Katajanokka Guggenheim happen.

Heck, there we were thinking someone was suggesting a site for an art museum by Töölönlahti, obviously one that would grow organically out of local ground. Oh well, sometimes these emeritus professors of architecture seem a bit old-fashioned…

… about as progressive as those Helsinki transport administrators looking to revamp parking norms (a pet topic here at JHJ). Gloopy globules of green rhetoric notwithstanding, the city’s proposals are not aimed at reducing overall car densities on our ever more cramped peninsula.

Rather than setting upper limits on parking, Helsinki continues the trend it set in the 1960s of setting a lower limit. Marvellous. (Decisions deferred to the end of this month).

Next time I post it’ll be good news.

In anticipation, here’s a picture of a forest. Remember, Sibelius himself said that a person should live either in a big city or in the forest.


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